Adverse Possession in Colorado

A few of years ago, in response to a notorious Boulder County Court battle between two neighbors, the Colorado Legislature enacted statutory changes to the Common Law rules of Adverse Possession. In essence, the legislature enacted provisions making it more difficult for anyone to acquire title to the real estate of another person through adverse possession.   However, contrary to rumor and conventional wisdom, the doctrine of adverse possession remains a very important part of Colorado Real Estate Law.  In Colorado, under certain circumstances a so-called “squatter” may still acquire rights in real estate and sometimes even outright title.  It therefore remains important for Colorado real property owners to act diligently and within legal limits if  some third party is now (or has in the past) occupied or trespassed upon their real estate for any substantial period of time.  Despite recent legislative changes, failure to act diligently in such situations could ultimately result in loss of real property rights. Weaver & Fitzhugh, PC prosecutes and defends adverse possession cases throughout the Seventh Judicial District, including Montrose, Delta, Ouray and San Miguel (Telluride/Norwood) Counties.  For more information about adverse possession and other real property issues, please call or visit our offices today.

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