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Restrictive covenants recorded in the public records limit the use and occupancy of real property. A restriction can take many forms.  For example, a covenant  might limit building sizes, building types and architectural styles.  Other covenants might actually mandate a

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You may not need a judge or arbitrator to resolve disputes, conflicts, and other difficult issues What is Mediation Mediation is an alternative to traditional litigation or binding arbitration. It is confidential and voluntary. As a result the parties control

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Do you have a home For Sale by Owner?  Would you like to buy or sell a home without the assistance of a real estate agent?  Maybe you’ve found a buyer without an agent or maybe you know of someone

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Adverse Possession and Boundary Disputes

The law of Adverse Possession often leads to Boundary Disputes in rural Colorado. Such disputes are common and often far more complex than most property owners may imagine.  Through Adverse Possession, a person may, under certain circumstances and after passage

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Dividing Property in Divorce: Marital and Separate Property

Many lay people do not understand that, before dividing property in divorce,  a judge must first distinguish between marital and separate property.  The judge cannot simply divide all property and debt equally between the parties.  Although that happens sometimes, Colorado law does not

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Forming A Small Business

Do you plan to start a small business?  Do you already own one as a sole proprietor or in partnership with others?  In either case,  you may benefit from organizing your business as a corporation, limited liability company or other

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Adverse Possession in Colorado

A few of years ago, in response to a notorious Boulder County Court battle between two neighbors, the Colorado Legislature enacted statutory changes to the Common Law rules of Adverse Possession. In essence, the legislature enacted provisions making it more difficult

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Do You Have a Right to a Mechanic’s Lien?

If you have done work or supplied materials contributing to any improvement to real property within the State of Colorado – with or without a contract – and have not received payment, you may have the right to collect payment

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DUI: Drugs, Alcohol and Driving in Colorado

If arrested for Driving Under the Influence, Driving While Ability Impaired or Driving With Excess Alcohol  (DUI/DUID, DUI per se, or DWAI) in Colorado, you should contact a lawyer immediately.  People arrested in Colorado for any of these charges often

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Common Law Marriage in Colorado

Colorado Law recognizes and treats Common Law Marriage precisely as it does licensed, ceremonial marriages.   However, most people have very little understanding about what creates a Common Law Marriage.  For example, many people ask us ‘”but don’t I have

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