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Restrictive covenants recorded in the public records limit the use and occupancy of real property. A restriction can take many forms.  For example, a covenant  might limit building sizes, building types and architectural styles.  Other covenants might actually mandate a

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Adverse Possession and Boundary Disputes

The law of Adverse Possession often leads to Boundary Disputes in rural Colorado. Such disputes are common and often far more complex than most property owners may imagine.  Through Adverse Possession, a person may, under certain circumstances and after passage

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Adverse Possession in Colorado

A few of years ago, in response to a notorious Boulder County Court battle between two neighbors, the Colorado Legislature enacted statutory changes to the Common Law rules of Adverse Possession. In essence, the legislature enacted provisions making it more difficult

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Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

Even in our difficult  economy, inability of a homeowner to make timely payments on mortgage or trust deed debt does not always lead to foreclosure.  A deed in lieu of foreclosure may avoid the foreclosure process for both lender and

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