How We Do It

We offer expert, effective, personalized legal and mediation services.

We do not run a “volume” business. Our clients receive individual attention tailored to their individual needs, and the attorneys interact with all clients personally.

As attorneys, we employ a tried and true strategy:

  1. We first listen carefully to our clients and ask the questions needed to thoroughly understand the nature of their legal needs.
  2. We then advise the client thoroughly about all legal, ethical and practical approaches to the problem at hand.  While we can offer no guarantees or pat predictions, we will make every effort whenever possible to advise the client of potential advantages and disadvantages of each potential solution, and try to forecast likely consequences.  Unlike mathematics, legal formulas do not produce certain solutions, and every situation presents new possibilities, but we will do our best to help our client understand the pros and cons of any action we propose to take on his behalf, before we take it.
  3. We then strive, with the client’s authorization and assistance, to develop for the client a plan calculated to deliver the most favorable result possible, with due consideration for our legal and ethical duties, as well as the client’s financial and temporal limitations.
  4. Finally, we move promptly and diligently in pursuit of that plan.

As mediators, we create a safe, neutral environment and facilitate a cooperative process so parties can communicate openly and confidentially to reach creative solutions for difficult problems, without going to court.